Que faire en cas de perte d’emploiFebruary 28, 2017

What to do if you lose your job

Losing a job is always a shock. Even when you had known about the brewing situation for some time, somehow, the news starts a transition period we are not always well-prepared for. Of course, everyone is affected differently by personal, financial, emotional and other problems. The important point to keep in mind is that you can recover by taking the time and going step by step.

Take your time and roll with the punches

If friends send you new job offers, don’t jump at the first opportunity. First, take some time to take care of yourself and analyze what had happened. How much time do you have before your lifestyle is no longer sustainable? If at all possible, take some time off to do the things you’ve put off for a while. Once you have rested and calmed down, take a good look at your personal and family situation, and review your career goals.

Get ready for some tough times

Be realistic. See if your current experience and training will allow you to quickly find a good new job. If so, start to develop your job search plan. If not, see what training is available to be taken. Carefully weigh different options. Sometimes, skill development training and workshops can be expensive and take a long time.

Reduce spending

A few tricks that can help you get through this difficult time are:

  • Do your best to cook at home more often. Eating out can be a large expense, but it can be easily avoided.
  • Trim your utility bundles for TV, Internet, phone, etc.
  • Unplug unused electrical appliances and lower your utility bills by adjusting the equipment sleep mode settings
  • Avoid using your credit card except for emergencies.
  • Change your banking account to a reduced fee or even no-fee account.
  • Finally, cancel subscriptions that are not attached to permanent contracts to save the unnecessary expenses during this period.

What if the situation doesn’t get resolved quickly?

The current economic situation is one of the most difficult in decades. It is thus possible, as unfortunate as it may be, that your quest for a new job would last for several months or even an entire year. Do not get discouraged. Even people with great skills go through tough times at some point. When starting to doubt yourself, set up a consultation with a financial advisor of your choice to discuss more solutions for the situation.

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