Les avantages d'une assurance locataireApril 20, 2016

The benefits of a tenant insurance

Rest Easy with Tenant Insurance

Moving into a new living space can lead to a number of changes regarding how you manage your money. Your social environment, level of safety, and even lifestyle can change a lot simply by changing residences. Surprisingly, tenant insurance can be a simple and effective solution to help you regain some stability. Take the time to read these tips explaining the benefits of tenant insurance.

Erroneous Beliefs

While 95% of homeowners have home insurance, it may surprise you to learn that only 37% of tenants possess tenant insurance. One of the most common reasons cited for this difference is that many tenants believe they don't need insurance. This somewhat cavalier attitude can be expensive in the long run. Take the time to consider all your possessions: your computer, books, appliances, furniture ... these things together are worth a lot of money.

Many tenants believe that they are covered by their landlord's policy. That is false. Home insurance covers only the building itself. So, neither tenants nor their property are covered by the landlord's policy and so they run the risk of being in serious trouble.

To No Longer Be at the Mercy of Accidents

Of course, no one wants to have to pay another bill each month and many tenants imagine that renter's insurance is very expensive. However, since this type of insurance does not cover the entire building, but only one lodging, the price is much lower.

On average, we are talking about annual fees that vary between $150 and $200 for a medium-sized apartment (two bedrooms, a 4½). As with home insurance, this amount may vary depending on your neighbourhood and the type of coverage you want.

Less Complicated than It Seems

If an accident occurs in your residence (injury, theft, vandalism, fire, rain damage, lightning, snow, a car, an airplane, etc.) and you are judged responsible for the accident, you will need to pay for the expenses incurred out of your own pocket. Insurance with liability coverage lets you avoid having to pay these costs yourself. A basic tenant insurance policy normally includes coverage for liability as well as medical expenses.

Of course, before signing on to such an insurance policy, take the time to shop around. Don't rush yourself. The key is to rely on a professional whom you trust. She knows the insurance field and will help you find the right way to proceed to ensure the contents of your apartment. The adviser will help you find the policy that corresponds to your needs at the best cost. You may have questions about your policy. There is no shame in that. If you have a question, or want to understand better certain aspects of your insurance policy, never hesitate to ask your adviser.

After all, it is your money and your property in question.

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