Sept suggestions pour rafraîchir votre décor et vos meubles sur un budgetMarch 19, 2020

Seven Suggestions to Renew your Decor and Furniture on a Budget

Furnishing a new apartment or renewing an existing décor can become quite expensive if you don’t pay attention. Here are seven suggestions to help you do it while staying within your budget.


First of all, set your priorities. If you have an entire apartment to furnish, you’ll want to start with a mattress, or a futon and refrigerator. Make up for the lack of a stove by using a cauldron or an electric pan for a while.

Make a list according to your needs. Start with the bigger pieces, which are usually the most important ones.

A small loan will allow you to buy what’s necessary, and you’ll be able to take your time to save up and buy the rest of your furniture later.


When possible, buy furniture that has more than one use. For example, instead of buying a bed frame, a mattress and a couch, opt for a futon, which can act as both a bed and a couch. A wooden chair can be a seat as well as a side table. A bed frame with drawers can be used for storage in addition to supporting your mattress. A bench chest can be used as a bench, as storage space, and as a side table. 

When and Where

Buy used furniture when possible. Kijiji and Marketplace are gold mines when it comes to finding essentials at lower prices. Eco centers and charities also usually have furniture for cheap, and you can find treasures in garage sales. If you prefer buying new, wait for clearance or end of season sales. On Black Friday, sellers will often offer very good deals.


Buy neutral furniture and add your own special touch. DIY a mosaic tabletop for your side table. A throw blanket and cushions on the couch will also add a splash of color.


Before you start a decorating project, declutter the room. Get rid of useless objects. When a room is no longer overcrowded, it gives the illusion of more space and changes the room’s look. Sort out your bookcase and other shelves. Once everything is tidy, you will be able to easily evaluate your needs in terms of storage and decoration. 


A fresh coat of paint is a great help to any decor. The lighter your paint is, the cheaper. Think of painting most of your walls white, then adding pops of color using decoration. Light walls make a room seem bigger. 


Decorate your walls with frames and paintings. Buy frames at the Dollar Store and repaint them, or your make own. Frame family pictures or posters that you love. If you’re an artist, paint your own canvas. 

Be creative 

Decorating ideas are nearly infinite, even if you’re on a budget. Use your creativity. You’ll be surprised by the outcome.

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