Quelles solutions s’offrent à vous quand vous ne possédez pas l’argent pour acheter les cadeaux ?December 11, 2018

No Money For Gifts - What To Do

‘Tis that time of year again. The Holidays are coming, and your friends and family are talking about gift exchanges and so on. The problem is, you are broke. How can you offer your loved ones gifts that will cost you nothing or next to nothing?


If you love to cook, whip up a batch of cookies and wrap them up. Nothing beats a chocolate chip cookie dipped in milk.

Made some jams or preserves during the year? Now would be a good time to bring out those mason jars, put a cute ribbon around the lid and gift them to the people you love.

Arts And Crafts

Are you the artistic type? Get those paints and brushes out and make a painting. Make sure to do it in the style that the recipient of the gift likes. You do not want your art to end up in the back of the closet.

If you are crafty, make a pair of earrings or a necklace. Receiving jewelry is always appreciated.

Sew Or Knit

Handy with the needles? Knit some socks and mittens. It is a great gift to receive, especially in Winter.

If the sewing machine holds no secrets for you, make a pillow cover and personalize it with embroidery. You might write the person’s initials or something that represents them well.

Build Something

Handy with nails and hammer? Most industries have a stack of pallets that they throw away. People can pick them up for free. Get some and build various gifts with them. If you lack inspiration, there are tons of ideas for DIY pallet projects on the internet.

Offer Your Services

If you have no skills at all or do not have the time to make anything, offer to babysit or pet sit for free. It will allow your friends or family to have a night out or vacation without the worry to find a sitter.

Dollar Store

The Dollar Store is an excellent place to shop for gifts when you have almost no money. You can find anything from cute woollen socks to funny mugs. Gifts do not need to be expensive to be appreciated.

Get A Loan

If you want to get a costlier gift for a special someone, think about getting a small loan. Online personal loans let you borrow small amounts of money that you repay in three to four months.

Make A Mixtape

Although it will not be on an actual tape, make a playlist of significant songs for you and your friend and put it on a CD or a USB key. It will make both of you reminisce on old times.


There are many other options out there for gifts that cost next to nothing. Remember the purpose and the intent behind it. You are telling someone that you appreciate them and love them. That is the essence of a gift.

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