Apprendre à réparer les choses pour économiserDecember 16, 2016

Learn to fix things yourself in order to save money

If you go to a retail outlet today, you will be offered all kinds of add-ons, extended warranties, insurance and extra fees that increase the total on the receipt without any guarantee that the devise you have bought will work any better. Instead of wasting money on a device you could replace just as well, why don’t you consider ways to extend the service life of the unit and then spend the money you save on something else?

Another way to save money: fix it yourself

At a time when you are trying to put your finances in order, you need to make some sacrifices. Some sacrifices are more difficult, but others are simple. One of the easiest ways to save money is to learn how to repair household items and appliances yourself, if at all possible.
Thus, before you go to a mechanic for your oil change or tire rotation, why not learn from a friend that knows how to conduct these simple operations yourself and save a few dollars? This would allow you not only to save some money but also to understand more about the inner workings and parts of your car, which can come in handy in the future if you encounter some kind of problem.

Mend and alter your own clothes

For many people, clothes are a current expense. As clothes become torn or wear out in various ways, one needs to continuously replace them, which can be very expensive. Therefore, why not revive the old art of sewing? Once you learn to sew, you can salvage some of the clothes instead of getting rid of them. Sewing will not only allow you to mend your clothes, but to alter clothes in the future. Particularly, instead of having someone else hem your pants in the future, you can save money by doing that yourself.

Besides, you can learn to repair your boots or shoes. Before you let the shoemaker work on your shoes, ask for an estimate.

Can you really repair your own home appliances?

A quality mixer costs around $300. A microwave – between $150 and $300. When one of those breaks, replacing it with a new one seems to make more sense than repairing and waiting for replacement parts. That’s not the best way, necessarily! Quite often the problem may be just a faulty button, a worn power cord, a blown fuse, or broken welding – basically, the repairs would cost no more than $50. Depending on the type of appliance or problem, a warranty technician may require $10-$75 to do the work. In some cases, you would get a free estimate. If the problem is not with the electronic components, trust a professional technician to do the work. Most likely, the part needed will be in stock right away. Enjoy the saved money!

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