Les bases de l’investissement : pourquoi devrait-on investir?June 7, 2016

Investment Basics: Why Should You Invest?

It is commonly believed that you need to be rich to invest money. But that's wrong! Indeed, it is possible to invest money despite having a low income, and without being in the inner circle of the gods of finance. To understand how to go about it, you must first understand the basic principles of investing.

Why Invest?

This question may seem obvious, yet it is the first that any investor should ask. Why should you invest? The short answer would be, “to help you grow your money.” However, such an answer would be incomplete. If investment helps you to increase your wealth, it must also allow you to do so according to the goals that you have set for yourself. How do you settle upon these objectives? That depends on you, on your goals. For that, it is important to think about what you want to get out of your investments.

Before Investing, You First Have to Know Yourself

What are your plans or ambitions? What do you want to accomplish in the medium or long term? It may be buying a car, owning your first home, renovating, financially supporting your child's education, or finally taking the trip that has been your dream for years. To achieve those goals, you first have to assure the necessary funding. That is why you need to invest!

Today, banks offer their clients many types of investment products. Generally, you find products whose return is fully guaranteed, and others where the return is not certain. These types of investments vary according to the risk the investor is willing to assume by investing his money. Thus, the more risky an investment, the more you can anticipate greater fluctuations in its value. There are more chances to lose, but also the possibility of increased profitability.

The important thing is not necessarily to invest your money as quickly as possible, but to do so in keeping with the risk you are willing to assume. Some investors easily accept that their investments may fluctuate greatly. Others become stressed. This is why your investments should be judiciously determined with the help of your trusted financial planner.
With her, you can find the right types of investments for your situation, however small they may be to start with, thus putting you on the right path to achieve the goals you have in mind.

Do you have an RRSP? You are already an investor!

Are You an Investor in the Making?

Money that is working for you will always be more useful than money sitting in your bank account. Today, thanks to the range of services and types of investments available on the market, investing is more accessible than ever, regardless of how deep your pockets.

However, for those who are less aggressive, investing can be a difficult decision and, therefore, make them uncomfortable. That's normal. Investing is an important decision to make. Nevertheless, we must not be intimidated. Whatever amount you are prepared to invest, do not hesitate to discuss the issue with your financier planner. With him, your investments will be made with an eye to your interests and your performance goals, and always in keeping with your financial situation.

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