Comment vous payer un resto avec peu d’argent ? 9 AstucesSeptember 2, 2020

How can you eat out for cheap? Here are 9 Tips

According to a study conducted by Statistics Canada, more than one out of two Canadians eat out or order takeout or delivery, at least once a week.

Going to the restaurant is a great way meet up with friends and family, makes for a great social event and, of course the obvious reason – no dishes! Despite all the positives, it’s hard on the wallet and, if you live on a tight budget, you might decide it’s time to give up on eating out. Don’t panic, we are coming to your rescue. Here are nine tips and tricks that explain how you can still eat out, for less!

Go Early in the Morning or at Lunchtime

Almost every breakfast restaurant has an early-bird menu. So, you can get your favourite breakfast, for less.

You’re also very likely to find a fantastic deal on a great meal, if you choose a lunch special.

Drink Water or Choose “Bring Your Own Wine” Restaurants

Unless a drink is included in the price of your meal, stick to water. Restaurant beverages are very overpriced and can quickly increase your bill. A simple choice to opt for water can keep your outing on budget.

Wine is one of the most inflated items at a restaurant. Search for local BYOBs...or Ws. Establishments that allow you to bring your own wine help you to enjoy a great meal, with your favourite wine.

Avoid Appetizers and Extras

In hopes of saving money, you chose a smaller meal but ordered an appetizer or a couple of extras? The truth is, habits like these are misleading and often lead to overspending. Try to stick to a budget, set out beforehand. You will likely enjoy a full-sized meal more than a great appetizer and a less-than satisfying entrée.

Get a Reduced Portion

Some meals are available in small, medium and large sizes, or even in half or full servings. Not only is reducing your serving good for your wallet, your body might thank you for it too. We all know our “portions” are way more than our stomachs bargained for.

Use Coupons and Loyalty Cards

Do not hesitate to use coupons if you have any. While some might feel shy to do so, these coupons are made and offered to increase patronship. There is absolutely nothing wrong in supporting local restaurants.

Does the restaurant have a loyalty card? Make sure to sign up and always have it on you when you go to eat out.

Avoid Fast Food Chains

Fast-food chains are expensive, and you don’t get your money’s worth. A quick and simple hamburger trio can cost up to 15$, if not more. Instead, skip the fast food cravings and save that money for the restaurants that deliver on quality, taste and experience.

Skip the Morning Coffee

You like stopping by the local café every morning, honestly who can blame you? However, that 6$ morning brew is costing you over $130 a month and $1600 a year. Brew your coffee at home instead, and save your money for a nice meal out.

Save Eating Out for Special Occasions

Avoid eating out too often. When eating out becomes part of your routine, it can quickly lose it’s full appeal. It almost becomes a waste of money for some, since they no longer truly enjoy the experience. Save eating out for special occasions, like your wedding anniversary or a family get together. When that day comes, treat yourself to a truly nice dinner. If you plan ahead, you can save up or even take out a small loan to pay for this special event.

Use Good Judgement and Be Mindful

Use good judgement when deciding on whether or not you really even want, let alone need, to eat out. Try suggesting that your friends come over for a meal instead. There are many really good, simple recipes that cost next to nothing to make. You can also host a potluck, where everyone can bring a dish and share. You will still have a good time, maybe even a better time than if you had gone out - and you will be saving money at the same time.

Give these suggestions a try. Make it your goal of the month. This way, you will have enough money to pay for those restaurant outings you really care about.

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