Quatre façons faciles d’amasser plus d’argent de pocheAugust 18, 2020

Four Easy Ways to Have More Pocket Money

Are you one of those who get their paycheck, pay their bills, but never have enough money left to do the things they like? Like many, you worry about paying your bills on time and forego many small luxuries to do so.

How can you have more pocket money, not to pay bills, but to treat yourself? Here are four easy ways to do it.

Make a coin jar

Do you pay with cash when running errands? If the answer is yes, you have a perfect opportunity to gather pocket money effortlessly. Place an empty jar where you leave your wallet or handbag when you get home. When you come back after running errands, empty your change into the pot.

Analyze your expenses and review your priorities

Evaluate your spending habits. Is stopping by the café every morning part of your daily routine? Do you use up all the data your cellphone plan offers?

See which habits you could change to reduce expenses. For example, brewing your coffee at home in the morning will save you hundreds of dollars every year. And what if you selected a cellphone plan that only includes what you really need? Once again, the money you save falls directly into your pockets.

Go over a list of your expenses, and decide which expenses are more important to you than saving money for activities you really enjoy. By doing this, you might discover useless expenses, such as a gym membership that you never use.

Renegotiate your insurance

Negotiate your insurance rates. A few weeks before the renewal date, get estimated rates from other companies. We sometimes stick to the same insurance company for years on end, despite rate augmentations, for the sake of convenience. You could save hundreds of dollars every year simply by taking the time to shop around.

Do the 52-week money challenge

The 52-week money challenge is a simple way to gradually save 1378$ in one year. In the first week, you put $1 in your savings account or an envelope. The second week, you put $2, and so on, up until $52 on the 52nd week.

Some prefer to do the challenge backwards by putting $52 aside on the first week, $51 on the second, etc. Others prefer to set aside the same amount every week. They divide $1 378 by 52 weeks and save $26.50 every week.

No matter how you chose to do it, it is a great challenge to overcome, and it’ll save you a decent amount of pocket money.

Treat yourself

These are only four ways among many to save pocket money. You could sell things you no longer use online or find a few supplementary online work contracts. Whichever strategy you choose to use to accumulate pocket money, make it a habit. This way, you’ll always have a bit of extra money in your wallet to treat yourself when you feel like it.

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