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Choosing the right time to buy

As the year progresses, discounts and promotions on a wide range of products may pass right under your nose. These discounts may be hard to find due to low visibility or limited duration. Here is a quick guide to help you find the bargains and save money without sacrificing what you need.

Electronics, Cameras, and Computers

Electronic devices are convenient but also expensive. That is why you should monitor the calendar during February, August, and September. These three months are when the big chains liquidate their end of series (DVD and Blu-ray players, stereos, TVs, etc.) and have Back to School sales. In addition, you can save on the demonstration models. Finally, do not overlook the most important days: Black Friday and the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day (Boxing Day, Dec. 26, to New Year’s).


The best months to lease a car are from December to April. If you want to buy a current year model, focus on the period from September to November. While the beginning of the new year is mostly an off-season in the automotive field, manufacturers often offer “three months with zero payments” packages that have many additional benefits. The biggest discounts for car sales are in the fall, as that is when the new models arrive on the market and the makers want to get rid of the older models.

Air Conditioners

Since July is the month people would use an AC unit the most, that is the worst time to get one. For obvious reasons of demand being the strongest at that time, it is a great idea to wait until August, September, or even October to buy an air conditioner (you would see savings of up to several hundred dollars for window units and nearly $500 for wall units).

School Supplies

The perfect time to get school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, backpacks, pens, and stationery is the beginning of classes. By being proactive and keeping track of any usable supplies, you will be able to have some supplies in reserve to fill in the gaps between saving at sales.

Games and Toys

In December that’s not the case, but in October, November, and January, toys and games are the most affordable. When new items arrive on the market in the fall, retailers want to get rid of the old models of toys (cars, figurines, dolls, etc.). 

Furniture and Appliances

Need a couch or a fridge? Your best periods for buying would be the end of spring and the beginning of summer. In order to make way for new models, many retailers drop prices on the less popular or over-produced models. Keep your eyes peeled for these discounts !

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