Quelques trucs à garder en tête avant de signer un contratMay 4, 2016

A Few Things to Keep in Mind before Signing a Contract

Contracts can be intimidating. Commiting to a long-term agreement, sometimes involving large sums of money, can be an important decision. However, don't think of it as a life-or-death situation. You're not selling your soul to the devil: you are just entering into an agreement, a compromise. So, before you sign anything, take the time to think about what it is you really want.

Also make sure that the deal you are about to enter into protects you and your interests. Do not sign a contract without reading it. Of course you will reply that all this is obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people don't take the time to read the whole contract!

Are You Satisfied with Your Arrangement?

In the event that you need to renew an agreement or sign a new contract, it is important to ask yourself if you feel completely satisfied with it. Reread your contract, underline the aspects that suit you, but especially those you want to improve. In that way, you'll be better prepared when the time comes to negotiate your new agreement. You will be able to insist on those areas that are most important to you and possibly even renew your agreement with better conditions than before!

Have You Read All the Clauses?

Of course, no one reads contracts for the fun of it. Contracts exist to facilitate and formalize relationships between people and businesses. Contracts thus serve to imagine all eventualities and to provide solutions should certain events materialize. These are not always conflicts or disagreements. It is therefore essential that, before you sign, you read your contract throughly. Do you have questions? Even if they seem silly, ask them anyway. You can never be too informed before signing a contract.

You Have the Right to Say No

The pressures come from all sides: the deadline arrives, payments must begin on a certain date, you have to coordinate with the bank, the notary, the owner, etc. Never forget that, despite all the various obligations to which you are subject, you always have the option to say no to conditions that do not suit you. If you are about to sign an important contract – to buy a house, for example – it is normal to have doubts. Don't worry. Take the time to reflect upon the consequences of the contract. If ever you do not feel comfortable, you have every right to refuse. Don't be unduly influenced by others. You have the right to get what you really want, reasonably.

So, when in doubt, you have the right to refuse conditions unacceptable to you and you can return to negotiations to make sure the contract works to your advantage.

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