5 Conseils pour prendre soin de son chien sur un petit budgetAugust 6, 2020

5 Ways to Care of Your Dog on a Tight Budget

Many of us can’t imagine our lives without a dog. They’re a loyal companion, confidant, and best friend. We want what's best for our furbabies. However, it's no secret that taking care of an animal comes with rather large expenses that we can't always afford.

Here are a few suggestions to help you take care of your pup without emptying your wallet. 

Choose a Breed With a Lower Risk of Developing Health Issues

We can’t always choose the animal we fall in love with. However, if you can choose which dog you’ll adopt, opt for a breed that has fewer health problems. Some breeds are known for having recurring issues, while others, including mixed-breeds, usually have lower chances of developing genetic diseases.

Opt for Healthy, High-Quality Food

Everyone has a budget to stick to, and more often than not, we go for the cheapest dog food at the grocery store. But ask yourself, would you feed your child junk food every day? Certainly not. Feeding your dog low-quality food is the same as feeding them junk food at every meal. How can you find good quality food without emptying your wallet? Expensive food doesn’t always mean high-quality

Some brands might seem more expensive, but their daily portions are smaller than those of cheaper brands. High-quality food is more nutritious. Always be sure to read the list of ingredients and the recommended serving. Look for different loyalty programs; they can help you save in the long run. 

Although there are many opinions regarding raw food, many choose this option. When managed properly, it can be very nutritious and quite affordable.

Most importantly, make sure you’re giving your dog the right servings. An overweight dog is more likely to develop health issues, thus decreasing its life expectancy.

Brush Their Teeth to Keep Them Healthy

Getting dental care for your animal is no small task, and it’s rather expensive. Just like you brush your teeth every day, brush their teeth regularly. This regular maintenance will save you from spending on dental scaling. 

Exercise With Them

Like humans, dogs must stay active, hence the importance of a daily walk. A dog that exercises regularly will have better physical and mental health, like its owner.

Find a Good, Accommodating Vet 

When you’re a dog owner, having a good veterinarian is vital to help reduce expenses. Find a vet that has reasonable fees for consultations and does not vaccinate excessively.

A vet who worries about your dog’s well-being will not push for a consultation every time you call in with a question about your dog’s health. In many cases, they'll give you advice over the phone.

Suppose your dog has recurring health issues, like allergies or repeated ear infections. In that case, the right vet will provide you with a renewable prescription, so you don’t have to visit the clinic every time the problem surfaces. 

If an emergency occurs and your dog needs special care, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian. Surgeries are expensive. If you don’t have any emergency savings or if your vet doesn't offer payment plans, consider a small loan to cover the fees.

Your Dog’s Well Being Comes First

The most important is for your dog to remain healthy and loved. This article covers only a few ways you can take care of your animal on a tight budget, but there are many more out there. Do your research, see what applies to your situation, and what works best for your pup. They'll thank you for it! 

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