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MoneySupplier Newsletter of October 2016
Some Tips to Better Manage Your Credit Cards
A credit card is a bit of a double-edged sword. It can be a valuable tool, or a dangerous trap, depending on the use one makes of it. When used with forethought, it can be very useful. If you remain careful with your credit, you will stay in control. To avoid having your credit cards become a burden, here are some tips to help you better manage them.
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Some Myths about the Purchase of a First Home
The range of information on the Internet concerning the myths and realities of the real-estate market can be difficult to navigate. When the time comes to invest in your first home, it is normal to want to seek advice from a friend or relative who knows the subject better than you do. However, to distinguish between real, anecdotal, and outright false information, it is important to understand some concepts. So before you get caught up in what your friend tells you about what happened to “one of his friends,” here are three of the most common cliches.
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How to Get a Line of Credit
We've all had this kind of experience. One day, a friend or acquaintance tells you about a discount on a trip that you have dreamed of taking for years. You jump for joy. You can already see yourself sunbathing on a beach, skiing the slopes, or dining in a good restaurant, only to realize you do not have the money to go. Do you need to put aside your dream? Thankfully not! That is where a line of credit can help you finance your most expensive projects without having to worry about not having enough money to realize them. To understand how to take advantage of this financial instrument, take the time to see if a line of credit is right for you.
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How to Consolidate Your Debts
It can be difficult to manage debt. Sometimes debt can be owed to a number of creditors and become a real headache. Whom to pay first?
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