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MoneySupplier Newsletter of August 2016
Dealing with a Major Setback
Life is full of surprises. Good or bad, these surprises can hit you like a ton of bricks and require you to suddenly pay $2,000, $4,000, or even $6,000. Whether you experience a job loss, car accident, or even a break-up, it is essential to develop tools to deal with all situations, even the most serious.
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How to Save on Back-to-School Items
If you are a parent, you will know that preparing your children for the school year is expensive! Fortunately, there are ways to save on the items your children need to ensure a successful school year. Here are some tips that will surely be welcome during this back-to-school time of year.
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How to Prepare a Budget
You are short of money? You don't know where your money goes and are having trouble paying your debts? It might be a good idea to make a budget. Although the very word might embarrass you, a budget is worth its weight in gold.
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