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MoneySupplier Newsletter of June 2017
Staying on top of payments really pays off
In 2016, nearly 72 million credit cards were in circulation throughout Canada. Of these, more than half had a revolving unpaid balance. The level of Canadian household debit is at an all-time high. What makes debt so hard to control? Here are a few thoughts to help you get out of perpetual debt.
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How to avoid financial traps when you are 30
Thirty is an intense, challenging, and even overwhelming age for some people – it is also critical when it comes to financial planning. Many people make life plans when they are in their twenties, but few know how to do it right. Not planning ahead can be very expensive. In order to avoid financial traps, follow these steps. They will help you get around the most common mistakes made in the early thirties (and later) through planning your personal finances.
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How to avoid compulsive purchases
Buying, paying, and consuming… Shopping makes it possible to get the life essentials, but also helps to alleviate anxiety or unpleasant emotions. However, even when we are careful and responsible with money, our desires can sometimes quickly take control. How would you know if shopping has become a problem? Here are a few factors that will help you understand the origins of compulsive shopping, as well as some solutions.
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How to rebuild your credit score
Many people complain about their poor financial situation but do not understand how they ended up in it. Such a negative situation, without being controlled, can have a detrimental impact on your credit score and punish you when you try to borrow money from a bank. Fortunately, the credit score is not set in stone – with work, it can be improved. Here are a few tips to help you quickly increase your credit score.
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