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MoneySupplier Newsletter of avril 2017
The Effects of Separation
on Retirement
Incomes tend to decline after retirement, and that’s normal. It’s also the time when lifestyles become less dynamic, the children are already in the workforce, and thus most of the expenses and costly activities are behind us. However, an unexpected event, such as an accident or separation, changes things. No matter what the reasons may be, it is necessary to know how to act in case of such a situation.
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Top questions for your financial advisor
Choosing a financial advisor is as important as selecting a family physician or lawyer. This person will have all the tools to help you set financial goals, make the best investments, and ensure growth.
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How to provide better financial support to children
Children are a true treasure. We like to make them feel that they can always count on us, either in the form of lending money or lending a hand. Sometimes, we wish that we could support them better as they move through life, but this can jeopardize the plans we have for our future, including retirement savings goals. How can we help our kids without sacrificing our own financial stability? Here are a few tools that can help you support your children as they are trying to cope with the early stages of their adult lives.
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The Right Time to Buy a Home
In the long term, buying a home is much more interesting than renting. However, you must do so at the right moment. How will you know that the time is right? That would depend on two factors.
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